Our Wish List




  • Progressive Grass Mix Feed

  • Oats and Soy Oil

  • Progressive Envision Fat Supplement

  • Safe Choice Senior Feed

  • Alfalfa Cubes


Medicines / Supplements:

  • Equisprin (Asprin)

  • ThyroL

  • Banamine

  • Bute

  • Equihist

  • MSM

  • Wormers (14 doses)


Farm Items:



Tarps – large and durable Thank you Ken and Sue Reilley!


10 foot Single Black Reins


10 foot Single tan Reins


Saddles!  Western, English, Aussie, etc – all sizes especially small (13”) and large (17” and up)!




Western Saddle Pads – Prefer ½ to 1 inch thick pads, prefer following colors: 

  • Purple Thank you Joann Stephens!

  • Lime GreenThank you Linda Heath!

  • Light Blue (Pale / Baby blue) Thank you Joann Stephens!

  • Standard Blue Thank you Joann Stephens!

  • Red Thank you Joann Stephens!


Large Totes for Storage


Garden shears, tree pruners, tools for trail maintenance


Winter Horse blankets – need at least 3 over 80” – Thank you Hoffman family and Linda Heath!

Winter Horse Blanket size 68 heavy weight


Riding Boots especially Small sizes – under child’s 3 (size 12 especially) and Large sizes – men’s 10 and over (sizes 11, 12, 13 and 14 please!)


Fencing and Fence Posts – wood or metal

2 Gates (one 12’ and one 14’)

2 Gate wheels


Fly Masks     -     Fly Spray   -   Spray bottles   -   Riding bonnets


Wall Mounted Saddle Racks


2 Stall Feeders Thank you Joann Stephens!


**Slow feeder hay nets (for 5x5 round bales to reduce hay waste) - Thank you Mike and Joann Stephens for purchasing 5 Hay Chix Slow Feeder nets!


Round Bale Feeders (2) Thank you Joann Stephens and Don Weiderholt!


4 and 5 tine Pitch Forks (or pitch fork handles / pitch fork repair)


Pony Cart & harness


Skid Steer or small tractor with bucket and tines Thank you Mike and Joann Stephens!


4 Wheeler / ATV


Hay Wagon or Flat Trailer– Thank you Fritz Menke!


3 to 5 horse stock trailer (bumper pull)


Building Items: 

  • 2x4’sThank you Robert Selenske!

  • 2x6’sThank you Robert Selenske!

  • 1x10’s

  • 2x10’s

  • ½ inch Plywood Sheets

  • 4x4’s

  • Drywall – ½ inch, need 12 sheets

  • Nails, Fence Nails, screws

  • Heavy Duty Cordless Drill

  • Hand tools, power tools


Office Items:

  • Wall AC unit

  • Storage

  • Printer Ink:

    • HP 940XL Black Ink Cartridge (C4906AN), High Yield, Staples Item #772995

    • HP 940XL Cyan Ink Cartridge (C4907AN), High Yield, Staples Item #772994

    • HP 940XL Magenta Ink Cartridge (C4908AN), High Yield, Staples Item # 772998

    • HP 940XL Yellow Ink Cartridge (C4909AN), High Yield, Staples Item # 772997

  • File Folders

  • Copy Paper, Brochure Paper, Picture Paper

  • Displays for information / brochures, etc.

  • Heavy duty file cabinet that locks

  • Paper Towels

  • Toilet Paper

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Bleach


Service Needs:

Horse Training (have one that needs to be started, one that needs to be finished, several that we need guidance with taking them to the next step)


Leather Repairs (saddles and others)


Computer networking


Build Tack Shed, tool shed, repair lean-to shed - Thank you Stable Life Volunteers!


Electrician to route light switches to entry and add outlet for stove


Plumber to hook up kitchen sink


Build Kitchenette area (tile, install sink, shelving, etc)


Build wall in social center


Repair mounting steps


Repair Fencing


Grant Writing / Fund Development / Fund Raising


Outreach / Marketing


Volunteer Recruitment


Office assistance


Project help (Trail blazing, clean up, fence repair, painting, etc).  People power is a HUGE NEED!  We are always working on projects, there are tasks large and small to do.  We have BIG plans for this farm and are continually building it up.  We LOVE GROUPS OF PEOPLE!  When we get church groups, social groups, youth groups, work groups or school groups out to help we generally experience a magical transformation!  If your group is looking for service we would gladly welcome you!  Contact Joann if you'd like to discuss!




Well drilling



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