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Sponsor our Outreach Efforts!


Annual Membership to the Westfield Chamber of Commerce and MarquetteNow! $50

Annual Membership with the Wisconsin State Horse Council  $100

Annual Membership to the E3A (Equine Experiential Education Association)  $45


Booth at local County Fairs:

Marquette County   $75

Adams County   $60      

Columbia County  $110        

Green Lake County   $100

Waushara County   $100


Sponsor a community educational event for up to 100 people  $150

Sponsor a recovery training for up to 30 people   $50


Sponsor our mental health advocacy efforts!  Help us attend important conferences, summits and other areas where mental health consumers and 

family members are leading the way in recovery focused systems change.   



Sponsor a Stable Life Service Horse!


Sponsor an ABLE Team Youth!

  • A Day at the Midwest Horse Fair $25

  • Compete in an Arena or Competitive Trail Event $75

  • Compete in Local Fair $75

  • Compete or Participate in local Fun Show or Clinic $50 $150

  • Other Field Trip Events $15


Sponsor an Equine Education Clinic (Inkind Goods, Services and Cash Donations needed)


We are a working horse farm and focus heavily on the proper care of the horses.  We turn every husbandry duty into a teachable clinic to provide 

education to our program participants, 4-H youth, and community members.


     Spring Clinic:  Determining weight, spring shots and worming

     Inkind Items Needed:  Shots and wormers for all horses

     Inkind Services Needed:  Knowledgeable equestrian, vet tech or vet to show how to properly administer IM shots and discuss parasite control.

     Cost without inkind donations:  $600 - $800


     When is it too hot to ride?  How do I cool my horse down?

     Inkind Items Needed:  Outdoor thermometer (shows temperature as well as heat index, humidity, etc)

     Inkind Service Needed:  Knowledgeable equestrian, vet tech or vet to teach the clinic

     Cost without inkind donations:  $30


     Oral Maintenance

     Inkind Items Needed:  Dental bags for participants (toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, etc)

     Inkind Services needed:  Equine dentist (provide service at free or reduced cost)

     Cost without inkind donations:  $1,200 - $1,500


     Gelding Sheath Cleaning

     Inkind Items Needed:  ky lubricant, sheath cleaning agents, rubber gloves, knowledgeable equestrian to teach the proper technique

     Cost without inkind donations:  $15


     Basic First Aid and What to Do Until The Vet Arrives:  Developing an Emergency Response Protocol for Human and Horse

     Inkind Items Needed:  Triangle bandages, sterile gauze, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, bandaids (different sizes), Ice packs, heat packs, medical

         tape, antibiotic ointment, anti-itch cream, antibiotic soap, hand sanitizer, large box for safety kit, small box for safety kit

     Inkind Services needed:  EMT or First Responder for First Aid and ER Protocol for Humans Training, Vet or Vet t Tech to guide the Horse


     Cost without inkind donations:  $100 for the medical supplies and emergency kits


     Hoof Care - Ask the Farrier

     Inkind Services Needed:  Farrier services at free or reduced costs

     Cost without inkind donations:  $425 every 8 weeks  ($25 per equine)


     Weight Management, Proper Nutrition, and Parasite Control

     Inkind Services Needed:  Knowledgeable equestrian / equine nutritionist, vet or vet tech to help us explore and understand the complexities of

          equine nutrition.


     Competition Grooming and Braiding

     Inkind Items Needed:  Braiding bands, colored ribbons, shampoo, conditioner, show sheen, hoof polish

     Inkind Services Needed:  Equestrians with competition experience in all manners of riding to educate our participants on this topic

     Cost without inkind donations:  $50 for supplies


     Proper Saddle Fitting for Horse and Rider

     Inkind Services Needed:  Knowledgeable Equestrians who can teach the clinic


     Fall Clinic:  Determining weight, fall shots and worming

     Inkind Items Needed:  Shots and wormers for all horses

     Inkind Services Needed:  Knowledgeable equestrian, vet tech or vet to show how to properly administer IM shots and discuss parasite control.

     Cost without inkind donations:  $600 - $800


     Natural Horsemanship Training Clinics and Information

     Inkind Items Needed:  Natural Horsemanship training books, dvd's and other aids

     Inkind Services Needed:  Trainers who can teach foundational skills to our equine program participants




Sponsor a Curricula on our Wish List and Help us expand our Equine Activity Program


     Body Sense:  EAA for Women with Eating Disorders:  $250


     3-in-1 - TeenSense, Girls Rule! & SisterSense:  $70


     Horse with A Different View:  An Equine Assisted Learning Cirriculum for Students on the Autism Spectrum:  $90


     Adult Recovery Group:  $200


     Empowerment Program for Women:  $200


     Realizing the Power of Non Verbal Communication:  $100


     Embracing Grief and Loss Program:  $200


     Youth Recovery Group Program:  $200









Sponsorship Opportunities

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